Thursday, June 11, 2009

The June Night

The torrid June night has knocked again. The night that could never tell what it meant. That came tiptoed and kissed my forehead in sleep like a forbidden lover and went away, breathing an unreachable smile through its eyes. It refreshes me. Every time I die. It revives my spirit. It teaches me life.

What is it? A reminder, perhaps, to say that time has plucked one more of my parrot green years. Or to tell me that wisdom lies waiting to distil me of all juvenile ignorance. Or simply to bring the warning of an approaching end- to repeat that no beginning can come without a close.

Yet, this June night is an enigma, beyond any understanding and interpretation. It lulls me entranced. I wonder along the enmeshed alleys of a reverie that hangs as a part of some detached dreams. Or realities. Or reflections.

The lover chants along my breath…

জন্মদিন আসে বারেবারে
মনে করাবারে
এ জীবন নিত্যই নূতন
প্রতি প্রাতে আলোকিত পুলকিত
দিনের মতন”

(Jonmodin ase barebare
Mone korabare
E jeebon nityoi nootan
Proti prate alokito pulokito
Diner moton.

The June night makes way for a bright morning.
I love light.
I love life.