Sunday, August 8, 2010

PTSD of Nationalism in Baaishey Shrabon

[I met Rabindranath in a fine dream]

Me: Gurudev, I love you!
Rabindranath: (smiling saintly) But personal love is selfish love. You would have to extend your heart, and accommodate the entire universe within. True love is universal and indifferent. It melts down any boundary that separates you and your neighbour, the East and the West, Asia and Europe, one human being or one group from another. It is this love that transcends petty issues like political or economic freedom and takes us to a higher plane of being where we all merge into one another without slightest distinction of any sort. So say, is your love this love?
Me: Erm... actually I told you what my mother keeps uttering often. It was not me, see!
Rabindranath: Oh! Then where is she?
Me: (pointing to her at a distance) There!
Rabindranath: Thank you. (smiles). I think I will just talk a little to her.
Me: (smiling ear to ear) Sure! She will be delighted. (aside) Will Maa be able to point to Dida on time? She seems nowhere near...