Friday, November 23, 2012

My Bonny Friend

My friend was bonny
My friend was fun
We played with dolls
We played with guns
We painted together
Together we smiled
And as we grew older
Did many things wild
We talked about love
We pondered on sex
And together just knew
That life was complex
We laughed for each other
We made each other cry
No matter how much we fought
We always did try
Hours were spent on telephones
Letters were exchanged
We never knew how slowly
We both had grown estranged
New faces came sweeping in
Her smile went faint and faint
She stopped being my bonny friend
To be a distant saint
She said she wanted this and that
But those just weren’t my cake
We then lost the common smile
And were linked by bonds of ache
I thought someday we’ll know again
What the other was
But life got somewhat unforgiving
After that long, long pause
She too found a host of faces
Who filled up the places I had
There was nothing for me to do
But to sulk and be sad
I tried my best to grow up and smile
For all the happiness she found
We still talked over the telephone
And I cried without a sound
We wanted different things from life
Though she was my bonny friend
But our friendship was a broken mirror
Impossible to mend
Slowly the phonecalls ebbed away
The need to converse died
No longer I know what makes her happy
Or when was the last she cried
She says it’s nothing, it’s just her work
She says that we are fine
I never tell her that deep within
I sense a narrow line
She now lives on its other side
I am not allowed in
Things have changed eternally
Unnoticed, unforeseen.

My friend is bonny, my friend is gay
Now she lives in her world, far away.