Tuesday, December 22, 2009

A Dream

I clutch my phone and go to sleep
My Nokia phone, my oldie-goldie
I fancy calls and weep-weep-weep.

The sky turns green, oh I love you
My torn loincloth will lie alone
Being together is long, long due.

Then it comes, the serpent long
Chasing myself out of me
All pink, all brown, all that strong.

I feel scared, Momma come to me
The snake will kill my girly-burly
Who has set that animal free?

Theatre halls will glittery glow
The sky is red with shame and fear
The serpent follows really slow.

Evenings pass by along a train
Beautiful wings might fall apart
I wince, I cry, I howl in pain.

Godard, Truffaut all flashing by
Antoine’s mother undid her socks
The Breathless hero must die, die, die.

Darkness fills my empty eyes
The serpent moves in fiendish joy
The sound will silence stifling sighs.

Momma, Momma, I miss your love
The snake will eat me everyday
And everyday I will look above.

I give it caress and give it care
And cry-cry-cry till dead
I give in to its slithering snare.

I want to do a merry-go-round
And have some pinky candyfloss
Till Papa comes and marks my ground.

My pillow is sticky, my pillow is wet
My loins all strained to soothe the snake
And if I fear Papa calls it fret.

It goes very sticky, it goes very thick
One, two, three, four even more
It makes me vomit, it makes me sick.

Look how it moves and how it groans
All vibrates with my fainted breath
And out of me it extracts moans.

My Nokia phone is ringing aloud
I jump awake to take the call
But all I find are bits of cloud.

I lie alone, I look above
Thank god the dream is gone
Yet I crave an unknown love.

Five, six, seven, eight and nine
I will get up, wash my face
Count till ten, and I am fine.