Sunday, December 14, 2008


When will this white heaven die? Not white. Off white. Or rather a dirty shade of it. This fever is sick. I still sweat and we are supposed to be amidst December. Go hell with the meteorologists! Born pessimists… yes they are. Can anybody tell me if chills and north-winds and mellow afternoons sell? I don’t have money. But I badly need some hope at least. Badly.

I miss lep, to be very frank. And sweet peas. And colourful scarves. And sneezes. And my shoes. I still wear choti. Else it stinks. Wyaghhhh!
I guess it pains even more when you have to face an ever-bugging-mom forcing socks with choti, and Johnson’s baby cream on every exposed body part after bath everyday. God! Give me winter!! I want to be covered with better material than creams and lotions.

Even the mosquitoes seem irritated. Go on singing to me whenever I plan a nap. I don’t mind the lullaby part… only they sting!

Anyway, back to Bazin. I just don’t know why this guy is so obsessed with the realism crap!! My vote is with Eisenstein. I’ll prefer to create a meaning, thank you. Offfffffffffff I go. Wish you all a very, very blissful boredom.


  1. winter starved, ja bolechhish! Kintu now it's different :) And in almost 8 days I'll be in Rajasthan, begging for some warmth. BHerri nice photo.

    Aar may I pliss join in that singing session of the mosha'a and moshi's? I wish I could, you know, and then face your typical chitkaar-"dhuuur teri, tokhon theke bolchhi, ghnya ghnya...ja na baba!" :P

  2. dakh baba! manchhi je mone mone oneksomoyi chirbir korechhi[:P]... ta bole "ja na baba bolechhi toke, amon motei mone pore na!"

    rajasthaner kothay mone porlo--- AMI GOLPO SHUNBOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!

  3. well, ekhon to winter eshegeche!!! hope tor mon bhoreche............. golay scarf, gaaye sweater.... ebar nischoi njoy korchis?????? but dekhis, sardi lagash na jeno! ota boro kashtokar.

  4. Was this at al about Winter?
    But 'twas a well-constructed post anyway.
    Eisenstein sucks, meaning as a cognitive process is the last limit of allowance art can give.
    Eisenstein's didactics are a thing of the last century anyway and can be easily forgotten about.

    Bazin? Errr...allowable upto a point. But easier said than done. No hands at filmmaking... so the theries can't really be called a working model. But elusive ambiguity, although carefully constructed, will seem to emerge automatically from the image. Not Eisenstein's shitty forcing brainwash.

    Well, that's all to it.

  5. can you please describe the kind of pleasure you feel on taking a stance opposite to mine?