Friday, January 30, 2009

Dead Passions...

Dead passions never die.
Buried, indeed they are…
Latent, dormant, sleeping flames-
Damnation follows their murky trail
I clasp the corpse behind sweating breasts
The passion burns more
And myths are curved along
The lines of forgetful love.

Foggy shadows are not all,
Much more remains for the voyage.
The touches and oaths haunt all over
August clouds bursting inside
How it rains! How it pains!
How I gain one lifetime more
Each time they come
And go and come
The bliss overflows in frenzied calm.

I do not mean to live in past
But dead passions are never dead.
The threads are blocked in a smothering knot-
No life no death will slash them away
They wake in graveyards, ancient ghosts
And never let me sleep alone
With whispers filling the air around,
“Dead passions do never die.”


  1. ফেলে এলাম অতীতটাকে
    ইচ্ছেগুলো খাঁচায় পুরে,
    মনের যত ডানা, সব মুচড়ে দিয়ে
    যাই চলে যাই অনেক দূরে।

    যত দূরেই যাই যে চলে
    ওরা ততই আঁকড়ে ধরে!
    হঠাৎ করেই তখন আমার
    আবার ফিরতে ইচ্ছে করে।

    ফেরার হওয়ার খেলার মাঝে
    সব যখন চেনা ঠেকে
    খেয়াল করে দেখি তখন...
    পালাই আমি নিজের থেকে।

  2. The days were brighter
    Gardens more blooming
    The nights had more hope
    In their silence The wild was calling
    Wishes were whispering
    The time was there
    But without a meaning

    Away, away in time
    Every dream's a journey away
    Away to a home away from care
    Everywhere's just a journey away

    The days departed
    Gardens deserted
    This frail world
    My only rest?
    The wild calls no more
    Wishes so hollow
    The Barefoot Boy
    weeping in an empty night

    Away ...

    Cherish the moment
    Tower the skies
    Don't let the dreamer
    fade to grey like grass
    No falling for life
    A gain for every loss
    Time gathered me
    But kept me flying

    "For this gift of dream I must pay the price
    with the loss of life's pleasures"

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