Sunday, January 4, 2009

A breeze sweeping through my thoughts
Of nothingness.
I float and float and float and float
And lose my way and breath and time,
Smelling the void is my smoke;
I choke.
But linger hours of pain in empty bliss.
It’s this
That’s real, the real I miss.

It’s not the distance but the warmth
The killer heat gives stifling glow

And burning is not still for love,
Nor for passion,
Nor for touch ,
Only ether seems worth a drink.
Life oozes out
In falters, jerks, halts and doubts
Creeping, creeping
Lazy, slow.

The salt of blood and salt of tears
Have met the salt of aimless seas.
I lift the waves
With heavy lash
The sky never comes at fingertips.
Vacuum wins, thought subsides
I close my eyes
For unseen dreams.
The play is over, it's time for sleep
But nothingness still hangs in breeze.


  1. Emptiness is filing me
    To the point of agony
    Growing darkness taking dawn
    I was me, but now He's gone

    darun likhechis....

  2. no comment........


    i love the poem...

  3. @Srijit: jak! addine kichhu ekta bhalo bolli... :P

    @poushali: feeling obliged... thanx a lot! :-)

  4. @Poushali: "No comments" - Isn't that itself a comment?

    My comment: Kichhu bolar nei. I don't wanna comment just for the sake of it - you know "nice, well-written, blah"
    The poem ofcourse is good, very You :) And I really like the new look of your blog.

  5. @Zephyr: great. u r the only one to say so. most unfortunate!! :-( ato koshto kore sajalam...

  6. In the middle of a black sea
    Playing some pearls
    Restless they dance
    As li'l li'l girls.
    Some of them are colored, but
    It's the white,
    Which makes the black sea
    Lovably bright.
    They swim, they float
    Twirling and spinning
    Bewildered I am, trying to
    Find their meaning!
    I don't know whether I follow'em
    Or they track me?
    But I want more and more
    Kisses of the black sea.