Sunday, August 2, 2009

Yesterday... Tomorrow

They missed me yesterday.

They remembered that I could sing. They remembered that I could fill up gaps in conversations better than either of them. They remembered that I could make silence more comfortable.
Did they remember anything more?

The rains always provide with the option of staring out of the window. Of being thoughtful without a reason. Of fiddling with little nothings just like that. Of gathering up the courage to try out music at last.
So they sang. Songs of innocence. Songs of experience. They would not let it be. They would always make an effort to replicate. They would always want to feel easy. Pleasant. They would never admit of finding the gap. The gap that had once been something like a ringing laughter. Something like a silly to-be-photographed posture. Something like a felicity lunch. Something like a relieving existence.

No. Please don’t come for her tomorrow. I know… yes, I know. A facet of meanness if you please. But I would beg of you. Don’t come for her. The crowd may not become enough of a veil. And I can’t melt before them. Them all. And you. I cannot melt before you. So don’t come to see her off. Please! Yes, begging is all I got to do. All…


They missed me yesterday.
But did they remember anything at all?


  1. the heart wants to utter soliloquys like these...... but it does so in the 'minds eye' ... u wrote it.