Tuesday, November 17, 2009

The Fall

Winding along the breadth of pavements
Inflating lungs with wistful smokes
Of coffee shops and burning fuel
Painting life with carefree strokes
The winds run aimless
Yellow leaves will shed their shell
Somewhere among the huddling dins
My city bids autumn farewell...

Hawkers shouting bidden price
Tea-stalls filled with clinks of glass
The beggar woman cajoles her child
Here and there, the buyers pass.
Eateries, hotels big and small
Cinema-houses dead or old
The lovers’ eyes as bright as light
Trickling heat against the cold.

Skies have not been deeper blue
Dust parts rise with kicking feet
A few more hours, the sun subsides
Wayside slums all dimly lit.
The film of fog now whispers in
The yellow leaves are crimson set
A tender chill runs down one’s spine
All delicate lips are Vaseline-wet.

My city turns round; it’s time for home
Toes well sunk in blankets soft
The little bird comes flying alone
Its humble nest held soaring aloft.
Leaves have filled all grounds with sighs
Their rustle mutters a pensive note
Deep in, memories slither awake
In books, in beds, in a tattered coat.
Beauty, pain, raptures unknown
Each will cast its span of spell
Somewhere in a twilight moon
My city bids autumn farewell...


  1. Tor blog porar maja ki janis!
    Kolkatay na thakte pereo season change-er Kolkata take dekha hoye jay!

    And loved the picture too!

    prothome title ar shesh-na-howa chhobi dekhe bhebechhilam kono kichhu bodhoy onek unchu theke porchhe! Seita niyei likhechhis!

  2. Jah!
    Chhobita palte gechhe!

    Tobe etao besh bhaloi!

    Agertar moto deceptive na!

  3. read it a long time ago.....

    revisiting this only makes me chant the lines again and again........u r a rockstar in rhythm and poetry!

  4. You know I am extremely clumsy with poetry so I'm glad for people who can write poetry.Very nice read :)

  5. @Mr. Tambourine Man: My pleasure. :) Pictures are mere accessories here. Will make them the subject as soon as I own a decent camera.

    @Poushali: Rockstar!!! Bhogoban! You rather watch out your selection of words, love. :P

    @storyteller: Why, thank you very much. :)