Friday, January 16, 2009

The Mobius Strip

The stranger that I glimpse in me
Am not I for sure!
But is that else? It’s hard to tell
With half in heaven half in hell
The ex-centric self hammers my soul
Harder than Iscariot’s final nail.
Its neither betrayal nor belief
Just a potion of yes and no;
The pendulum never stops to pant
The motion flows to and fro.

I love the stranger not for its being
But for it’s being other than my own
For the way it kisses and sucks
For the way it licks the boiling tears
For the way it stabs the pokers with sleeping calm.
The reflection flickers in Freud’s zone
Hide and seek is not just a game.

No I can’t tear apart…
They form my Mobius strip.
Dissections increase the number of rings-
The paint never divides but continues to cling
To the surface called me…
Yet I’m sure! I’m definite!
I swear,
It’s only a stranger that I get to see.


  1. Life is a game.
    Life is a challenge.
    Life is a war.
    Life is blah blah blah...

    Here is an appropraite analogy for life. 'Mobius Strip'. As you said 'The stranger that I glimpse in me
    Am not I for sure!', our own life sometimes seems stranger to us. I know that the stranger is none other than me, but can't accept that face of mine!

    We just frequently change our point of view.

  2. @Imbecile: precisely! nice to see that i 'could' communicate it well. :-)

  3. "করবো যে আর কত ঘেন্না
    নিজেই নিজের ছায়াটাকে
    করবো যে আর কত অপমান,
    আবার তো সেই আষ্টেপিষ্টে
    জড়িয়ে নিজের নরকটাকে
    গাইবো আমি ভালোবাসার গান!"

    Tor lekhata porei ei gaanta mone porlo, tai Anjan Duttake na bolei dhar niye nilam!

  4. i think u r reaching the ultimate layers of poetic sublimity....... i can find no words...
    u always mesmerize me........

    ur magic wand is creating xceptional wonders...

  5. nam ta jata diyechis.mobius strip niye onek kichu janlam namta bujhte kori sobar jonno jan uchit sobar.......[:)]

    Mathematical Idea

    A twisted loop is very different from a normal loop.

    Materials Needed

    Strips of paper, sticky tape, scissors and a pen.


    Take a strip of paper and some sticky tape. Turn the paper into a loop, but before you stick it down, flip one end of the paper over. This should give you a piece of paper with a half-twist in it. This is a Möbius strip (see diagram).

    Strange Properties

    The Möbius strip has only got one side. If you draw a line down the middle of the strip until you get back to your starting point, you will find that you draw on both sides of the paper. The twist in the paper makes you change sides as you draw around.

  6. @Nachiketa: no worries. quote korte copyright lage na... anjan won't care. :P

    @Poushali: r koto embarass korbi amay? nije ekta blog khol... toke maja dekhabo!!

    @Srijit: erokom diligent reader amar bhishooooooooooooooooooooooon pochhondo... i mean taking the trouble to look up MOBIUS STRIP. ami mugdho... :P
    jokes apart... thanx for the input. tar songe tally korte ami borong ekta chhobi diye dichhi. tahole aro clear hobe meaning ta.
    btw, "jata"-r implications ki positive na negative?