Monday, January 19, 2009


Some whims stick to the ego
The fetish with memory for me.
Childhood bruises form my blue
Mercurochrome red
And greenery is my dirty sock.
Other colours converge in the shutters of the window
Where tongues of sunlight lick it gold.

I cling on to my craving for a piece of shadow
Away from the halo of love
Solitude lulls me to bliss;
A room of my own to hide that smile
That slipped out once
To be torn away and thrown away
And a teen-age girl would just moan away
Away… away… away…
The breeze was kissing
Yes. That’s the breeze I know.

The friendship bands still fill a desk
Friendships melt with candyfloss.
The ink stained scarf was never wet
The cheeks never pink with youthful blush
Yet I touched the moon with a softer glance
Than the ball I see today.

Memory paints my picture bright
For nothing is right or wrong.
Call it fret; I won’t disrupt
It can’t be ever gone.
The breeze will blow my reckless hair
The girl still lies alone
And strike a chord,
There’s still the moan.


  1. "Midnight,
    Not a sound from the pavement
    Has the moon lost her memory?
    She is smiling alone
    In the lamplight.
    The withered leaves collect at my feet
    And the wind begins to moan.
    All alone in the moonlight.
    I can dream of the old days
    Life was beautiful then-
    I remember the time I knew what happiness was.
    Let the memory live again."

    Does everyone has some memories that make them feel sad and happy at the same time? Why they are so?

  2. "memories r both bad and good. but the good ones r and also should be remembered forever...isnt it?"

    thats wat u said..... :)

    but perhaps we r not that powerful to remebr only d good ones........ its a beautiful poem.

  3. Bhalor pashe kharapke sobsomoyei thakte hoy. Nahole bhalor bhalotwotai to thake na!

    Tor chinta bhabnar sathe sathe lekhar level tao bere cholechhe. Bhalo likhechhis seta porlei bojha jay. Bujhte pari bhabnata onek gobhir, kintu otota ar pounchhote pari na!

  4. Fortune, fame
    Mirror vain
    Gone insane
    But the memory remains

    u jst cant live widout it.....sometimes it haunts u n few times it gives u pleasure...ah!

  5. @Imbecile: i guess Nachi has answered ur question.

    @Poushali: memory niye tor songe joto discuss korechhi... tarpore blog-e kichhu answer dewar manei hoyna. personally reply debo. :)

    @Nachiketa: nyakamo marbi na. tui bujhbi na to ki bujhbe shuni? esob katha shunlei r likhte ichhe kore na!!

    @Srijit: byata ami bolay khub ese comment kora hoyechhe, na?
    i'm currently conceiving a poem about the comment u made i.e. pleasure and pain. pore bolis...

  6. Na na!
    Tahole ar bolbo na!

    Kintu jodi konodin erokom ase je ekdom-i bujhte parchi na! Sei bhoyei...